Adrenaline HIT™ Functional Training Series

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The Adrenaline HIT™ Functional Training Series provides a suite of Fitness Australia accredited short courses to health and fitness professionals in order to develop and gain specialised skills in functional training.

The series has been developed in partnership with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) and provides coaches with the necessary skills to program and deliver Adrenaline HIT™ sessions. They will also receive professional development credits for ongoing industry registration.

The Functional Training Series will include routes for trainers to participate and develop further skills. The initial roll out will include three entry level functional training workshops.

Foundations of Functional Training FTSC101

This course guides students through the concept of functional training and how to design a Functional Training session using a variety of training aids such as kettlebells, barbells and mixed implements.

Foundations of Mobility and Screening FTSC10

This course provides the foundations of mobility screening and corrective techniques to improve mobility and range of movement.

Foundations of Functional Lifting FTSC102

This course outlines the foundations for functional lifting techniques where you will learn the biomechanics of applied force on the body during movement, key elements of effective mobility screening and delivering a training session for two different lifting exercises.


Course duration: 

1 hour online + 3 hours of face-to-face theory

Face to face delivery dates:

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Course cost:

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CEC points earned: 3


workshops scheduled for VIC, NSW, SA, WA & QLD

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