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Adrenaline High Intensity Training (HIT) is an innovative functional fitness program designed to improve strength and conditioning in a focused, fun and social environment. Distinctly different from other types of group training, Adrenaline HIT™ focuses on functional movements in a small group setting. 10 to 15 participants work closely with a coach to perfect their form and technique, creating relevant real life results they can apply to everyday activities.

  • Community – Adrenaline HIT™ creates boutique club like environment within your facility
  • Retention –  Adrenaline HIT™ focuses on performance goals allowing people to see results sooner. You will have motivated members who stay longer at your facility.
  • Point of difference – In an ever changing industry, Adrenaline HIT™ allows you to provide a different service to your members, setting you apart from the rest

In an industry flooded with low service and boutique facilities, Adrenaline HIT™ brings a point of difference to your gym. Adrenaline HIT™ will not only create more engaged members, but it is a program that delivers proven results.

“Adrenaline HIT™ is a fantastic program that has helped bring our members together to exercise in a fun, energetic and vibrant environment in which their health and wellness goals can be achieved through high intensity functional training. I would recommend this program to any club manager as it provides results not only for members but for the business as well.” Mike – Club Manager