AdrenalineHIT x BrainPark

You know training is great for your mood and movement, but did you know training can improve your memory and even your brain function? Scientific research has shown that programs like AdrenalineHIT are amongst the most powerful kinds of physical training to achieve positive brain and mental health outcomes. What is the opportunity? YMCA are…

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Juy Lumsden17Jul

Meet the team

Juy graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Human Structure and Function, before chasing the better weather to Sydney to complete his Master of Physiotherapy at The University of Sydney (2018). He is an accredited YMCA Disability Support Trainer and registered ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach and AWF Weightlifting…

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I love this word. It expresses how I live my life, how I tackle any task, and how I seek to better myself. On a daily basis it refers to how I coach and how I believe we should all be coaching. Everyone has that stigma in their head of the PT who coaches like…

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Meet Sarah!24Jan

Meet one of the team

OK Guys, time to introduce the newest member to the Adrenaline HIT family Sarah Florence, Sarah is one of our training facilitators as well as taking the reigns to our social media. Here is a little about Sarah and her philosophy on exercise and training. Oh hi, I’m Sarah, former chef in both career and…

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2018 Fitness trends

A couple of days ago I read a really interesting article on the Fitness Australia website (see link at bottom of page to read). The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) surveyed a bunch of fitness professionals and came up with a list of the top ten fitness trends for 2018. Below is a list…

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